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Sai Consultants, built on experience & innovation to maintain & strengthen its core Engineering Business, to Develop new Engineering skills and activities responding the changing need of the clients and modern market. Enhancing our reputation in selected sectors and actively pursuing initiatives in different sectors geographical areas where we can deliver superior value through its competitive advantages. It is our general/basic practice of adopting a very flexible and open ended approach towards the need of our clients by interacting and honoring their views and requirements. We have developed a stable client base with significant repeat order business.

Road Projects
Preparation of DPR for the work: Widening & Improvement of road from Randha - Tulu - Markandi road (ODR) from 0.00km to 9.0 km" alongwith Construction of H. L Bridge over Patta Nallah (Span-3X25.360mtr) at 7.800km of Randha-Tulu-Markandi Road(ODR) in the District of Ganjam under NABARD Assistance R.I.D.F XVII. Preparation of DPR for the work Improvement to Old Cuttack Sambalpur road (ODR) in the district of Dhenkanal under NABARD Assistance RIDF-XVIII. Preparation of DPR for the work: Widening & Improvement to
Bridge Projects
Construction of Proposed H.L Bridge over River "Khola Mahara" at 1st km on Kayangola to Ichhapur road in the district of Jajpur. Construction of HL Bridge over River "GOBARI" (Span 3 X 35.0 M/c/c) at 23.55km on Kundupur – Babar – Jamboo Road (ODR) in the district of Kendrapada.Construction of H.L. bridge over river Gobari at Jamboo at 24.500km on Marshaghai-Jamboo road under NABARD Assistance (RIDF-XVI) for the year 2011-12 ".Construction of H. L Bridge over Patta Nallah
Govt Projects
Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken a number of Road Project of the following departments for preparation of DPR & Feasibility Report & Successfully completed with a greater co-ordination from the clients.
Also a number of Building Projects under P.W.D. & R&D. Sai Consultant successfully completed in different rural areas.
Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd.with his experienced team professionals have taken up many more
Semi Govt Projects
Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd.has a good experience working in public sector units. The following organigations have intrested for preparation of feasibility report & detailed project report for the Peripheral Devlopment works . Also topograpic survey has been conducted by the field engineers of Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd. for future planning of the organigation .
Apart from this we are regularly conducting different quality tests for on going depth of roads, building, bridge projects of State Government ,Central Government & PUC'S, .
Private Projects
Sai Consultants has a quick access to provide a better service to the private organizations. A number of educational institutions have a unbelievable confidence upon Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd.regarding quality & timely submission of projects Reports. Also Sai consultant is always in close contacts with the firms those are interested in establishing the mini plants for which Sai is Preparing the "TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY" for the upcoming projects.
Transportation Engineering
Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provides Survey & Design Service to State & National Highway Projects alongs with Rural Roads covering design of en-route Bridges & Culverts, considering all Hydrological Parameters & Rehabilitation assessment.
Building Engineering
Sai Consultants has a reputed expert Building which are as follow. Also the exterior & interior design are being praised by the clients keeping in view the modern design & technology. The plotting scheme & topographic survey is being conducted as per the basic requirement of the people. The different organs are explained as follows.
Water Resource Engineering
Water Resource Engineering: Sai Consultants has a better experience preparing the detail project report for Urban Water Supply System .Also sai has given emphasis on preparing the Topographical Survey for "Hydro Project" & water harvesting structures. Project under sewerage board is being entrusted to Sai consultant for study of feasibility report. Improvement/Implementation of central water supply system at zoological park Nandan Kanan BBSR is our achievements.
Town & Urban Planning
Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd.has been established a reputation with talented team of expert Engineers having well experience & service level town planners and architects. It has undertaken a number of successful town planner successes for different urban authorities' city development plans, housing projects master planning with road infrastructural improvements. Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd.has a well equipped survey team with latest instrument also assuring
Mrs. R.L.Biswal

Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading engineering, construction and technical service providing organization acting in different sectors such as Highways, Railways, PWD, water resource, urban engineering service sectors with geographical & Topographical surveys with Quality control Engg. activities It provides consultancy services for full cycle of the project development from Conceptualization to completion. Sai Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is well organized with qualified & experienced professionals with a quality assurance commitment to our clients/business associates. Sai has successfully carried out the assignment of the business associates within the stipulated period coordinating each other in a flexible & respectable manner.

Best wishes to my clients.
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